Jewellery For All Occasions

"KCJeweller.com is a leading fashion jewellery platform focusing on giving YOU an awesome jewellery buying experience for any occasion. At KC Jeweller, we endeavour to provide you the largest collection of exotic designs for every occasion, every mood and every need.


A contemprory online marketplace for men and women apparel describes this site. An emerging brand Shopeengo aims to be one to the market leaders in the apparel industry in this country. Through the contempprory design and sleek functionality, we at AIG Technologies aim to partner with them to help them on their growth path.


Clapsky is fastest growing startup in India. We are a mobile marketplace for local services.We help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. We are staffed with young passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their services needs at their doorsteps..

Advance Innovation Group

Through the Customer Relationship Mgmt tool, this App helps manage the Student Lifecycle with greater tranparency enabling infalliable traceability.

This has modules of attendance management, fee management, online exams, complaint mgmt, NPS etc.

Kissan Mall

Kissan Mall is a Online Fruits,Vegetable and Grocery shopping App.


Medi_PL  is basically a website which aims to  ease facility for getting medicine at your doorstep. At Medi_PL we provide all types of medical facilties which includes all types of medical product either prescription or any medical device.

Go Salon

We Make Your Hair & Look Perfect.

Gosalon is first ever company with real time booking tracking facility. With Gosalon you don’t have to wait that long. Just tap a button and track the time of your booking. It is simple and convenient. 


Cascone is a mobile marketplaces bringing products from Kashmir to the world. Kashmir at the click of the button is what has been attempted through Cascone.


It is a web based e-learning platform promoted by Shellcerebro Pvt. Ltd. Through various kind of exams (MCQs, OWTA, Fill in the blanks etc) the attempt is to facilitate knowledge enhancement of kids from class 1 to class 10.

U Know

Uknow is an app that connects friends/contacts and allows them to view great deals/discounts offered by various merchants. The USP of the app is that it allows users to view and be updated about their friends purchasing activities and the opportunity to avail the same deal while collecting points in the process

Dr Prashant Psychiatry

Dr Prashant is a renowned name in the Psychiatry World. Through this application he intend to be able to share his learnings in form of video lectures, books and offline content to the world forum. 


We helped create Online Learning Portal and Android App for one of the largest BPOs in India. Through the portal, employee can use their ADFS authntication to login and go through programs that the organization has chosen for them based on their job role, band and grade.



Baked goods have been around for thousands of years. The art of baking was developed . It was a highly famous art as Roman citizens loved baked goods and demanded for them frequently for important occasions such as feasts and weddings etc. Due to the fame and desire that the art of baking received, around 300 BC, baking was introduced as an occupation and respectable profession for Romans.

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

IPRA Security Solutions

Our company is constantly and relentlessly making persistent efforts to provide quality services for our valuable clients/customers suiting to their individual requirements. Our security Agency observes five principals and follows the same strictly viz. SELECTION, TRAINING, MOTIVATION, DEDICATION AND CUSTOMER CARE.

Swad Restaurant

The restaurant offers multi-cuisine food and snacks. Our aim is to provide best quality and tasty food to give a treat to your taste buds. With a team of Trained and professional qualified personnel, we assure to give prompt and efficient service. A complete family restaurant, we assure best dining time at Swad.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning @home is the mantra for this group, This group aims to change the Dry Cleanining landscape enabling greater customer response through mobile application.

Fresh Milk

Fresh is a new brand into Diary Market. They intend to become niche providers with quality products enabled by technology. Their mobile app is a maket place which shall help customers with great products at the ease of an mobile app.

Emerging India

Emerging India Educational Services Ltd . is promoted by IIT’s, IIM’s, MBAs and professionals from Education and IT Industry. We are India’s leading Analytics educational institute offering certified professional programs designed to bridge the gap between academics and Industry. Our objective is to promote & educate the Student’s and working professional’s on the advance courses in the field of Data Analytics and Cyber Security.


Mobile Decor Home

Mobile Decor Home is a eCommerce portal to sell Mobile and Mobile Phone accessories. This upcomming group intends to change the Mobile Acessory landscape by providing for state of the art products on the online platform.

JP Kraft Papers

They are one of the suppliers of Kraft Paper in India. They are delighted in being one of the organization growing at the fastest pace possible in this segment. They are known for not compromising quality at any cost which makes our Organization the most preferred suppliers of Kraft Papers. As a Company with vision to provide best services and guarantee to customer satisfaction, they are continually moving to perfect our service in every way possible.


Pure Services

Pure Services can fulfill and complete your AC work with satisfaction and guarantee. 

They assure to their customer that they not only provide with best services but at the cheapest price possible. As the best service provider in the market they are able to meet the divergent  customer need in most effective manner.

Rashtriya Parshuram Parishad

Rashtriya Parshuram Parishad is a NGO working at providing platform to the underprivedged and forming a pressure group against those in power.

Sri Sai Enviro Analytical

Our lab started functioning in the year 2017, and it took almost two years in setting up the lab. Jharkhand is rich in minerals and mining activities are being carried away in almost all districts of Jharkhand.



Diamond testing and grading cover numerous aspects of each stone’s qualities. Quality assessments regarding grading are made by independent gemological labs.

Shiny Sleep

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream, and wake up with a purpose. But to luxuriate in your dream world, one needs a sound and peaceful sleep. And, we @Shinysleep commit you the most comfortable time of your day, the blissful night! Shinysleep is not only a mattress making brand but an experience of good sleep and hassle-free purchase experience.

Power Fill

Power Fill

AIG Technologies

We @ AIG Technologies work at problem-solving for customers through the use of technology !!
As an organization Advance Innovation Group is a proven name in the consulting space having helped large MNCs and small firms through a wide range of problems. We have proven expertise in the implementation of ISO Standards and Lean Six Sigma Consulting. We leverage our understanding of business to deliver technology solutions that add value to the customer in terms of improving efficiencies of their existing business processes, reducing the cost of doing business, enhancing Customer engagements etc. Technology must be embraced today to ensure we remain relevant to our Customer. AIG Technologies is the right partner in this pursuit.

Maid Agency

Maid Agency

Swati Pandya

Swati Pandya

AIG Staffing Solutions

AIG Staffing Solutions

Bhartiya Janta Party

Bhartiya Janta Party

AIR Force Naval Housing Board Dehradun

AIR Force Naval Housing Board Dehradun



AIR Force Naval Housing Board Meerut

AIR Force Naval Housing Board Meerut

Parivartan Drishti

Parivartan Drishti

Logis Guru

Logis Guru

Huntsmen And Barons
Huntsmen And Barons

Huntsmen And Barons

Huntsmen And Barons