Mimadoo is a unique Mobile Technology aided platform bringing Users and Saloons at one place. With seperate User and Partners Andoid and iOS Mobile Apps, Mimadoo is redefining fashion and making services available to all.

Search for your nearest Saloon in no time and book appointment

Google enabled tracking to enable user to locate nearest Saloon and book appointment

Choose from wide variety of services offered

User can access offers, and variety of services offered by Saloon and avail services.

Add Partner and their services quickly.

Easy addition of Partner, their features, products, photos, availability etc.

Enhance business.

This mobile app driven technology platform is a great business opportunity for all partners.

Partner App- Android and iOS

User App - Android and iOS

The best one for you!

  • Mimadoo Mall screen
  • Mimadoo Mall screen
  • Mimadoo Mall screen
  • Mimadoo Mall screen


Andoid app and iOS Mobile apps are built in with a PHP based backend as the enabler. This has seperate mobile apps for users and partners.r