Video Streaming Management (VSM)

Video Streaming Management

Video Streaming service is an interaction of technology which enables the subscribers to view different channels, TV shows, movies live or download these and view later. These are kind of services are a substitute for Cables and Satellite devices which are often at a very low cost. In order take benefits of these streaming services the customers are often required to pay a particular fee for it, or take a subscription for same.

This is basically a Cloud Based Network and the content, availability and charges of services may vary from across the regions.

Video Streaming Management has become simply a very powerful streaming next big idea where you can get content streamed where it needed to go or across the globe any other device according to your desire.

Why Use Video Streaming Management:

Physical events may be limited to the space availability at a given site, With the help of Live Video Streaming an individual can invite as many as people they want to attend the event. So, Video Streaming has a wider audience potential which can reach to anyone in the world.

Video streaming is rigidly confined to live videos or audio streaming. Here you get the opportunity to use a variety of different forms of contents and multimedia which includes live chat, text etc. It is the easiest and convenient for any average person to pull off as they all need to have an internet connection and a very trustworthy streaming platform. Most of the Potential Users have now access to smartphones or other smart devices which enables them to make use of the smartphones for watching the videos online anywhere and anytime.

We at AIG Technologies will help you achieve your Digital Future streaming at a rapid pace. AIG Technologies Video Streaming Management Solution makes our customer available with affirm and extensively set up methods for the operators to limit the videos which can be streamed on different networks within a given plan.

Streaming Types :

  • Live video: streaming starts with the right tools. Today’s viewers demand instant access to content — across the globe and on any device. Encoding, transcoding, distributing, and viewing all begin with proven streaming services.

Low Latency :

  • With a wide variety of features, projects and protocol-compatibilities,
  • Video On Demand
  • Audio Only

Resources & Tools for Building Live-Video Apps & Services:

  • Live Streaming APIs
  • Live Mobile Broadcasting
  • Streaming Service Providers
AIG Technologies Video Streaming Management Offers:
  • A technological skeptic solution both every kind of technologies.
  • Video Application Dashboards.
  • Also Scorecards which identify discontinuation and calculate the scores for videos.
  • A capable traffic identification engine which Is backed up by the most dynamic database with comprehensive support for video streaming and encrypted applications.
  • Contemplate the different User so that we can discover their location, device, plans etc. which will help in being more decisive for controlling the traffic and support a great range of different service plans.

Our Intelligent Video Management can protect other services from some troublesome video spikes. In Conclusion, Using Video Live Streaming Services help you make the customer stand out in crowd. It reflects that our Potential Users are forward-thinking and technology savvy. On the other hand it allows organization to expand the viewer base and personalize the viewing experience to the meet the requirements of distinct consumers.

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Live Streaming of Videos
Live Streaming of Videos

Stream Videos in any device live for best results for users.

Secure Platform
Secure Platform

Access Control over videos to ensure security of different videos

Multi Level Access
Multi Level Access

Provide access to a wide range of users at multi level

Best Quality Video Publishing
Best Quality Video Publishing

Give Users the best experience possible for viewing high quality videos no matter which device they are using