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Scrumban is an Agile management approach describing mixtures of Scrum and Kanban and was initially considered as a way to change from Scrum to Kanban. Scrumban developed to meet the needs of teams to reduce the batching of work and adopt a pull-based system. As the Kanban technique was becoming more common, Scrumban was created as an attempt to make it easier for current Scrum teams to begin exploring Lean and Kanban concepts. It can also be used as an initial step for teams looking to move from Scrum to Kanban

What is Scrum.

  • Organization are organized into small, cross-functional and self-organizing teams
  • The work is decomposed into a list of small, concrete deliverables
  • The list is prioritized and the relative effort of each item is estimated.
  • Short fixed-length development (usually 1–4 weeks), with possibly shippable code demonstrated after each development.
  • The development process is optimized by having a retrospective after each development.

What is Kanban

  • Envisions the workflow
  • Allocate clear limits as to how many items may be in development at each workflow level
  • Measure the lead time, and improve the process to make lead time as small and predictable as possible.
  • Benefits of Scrumban

When you look at Technology Solutions one of the biggest challenge associated with technology implementation is to handle the Change management associated with it. We at AIG Technologies follow our unique Consult-Transform-Support methodology to help our customers sail through the arduous journey of change implementation. We work with our customers not only in the technology implementation but also in the end-to-end process of organization-wide training and acceptance.

The complete change management process includes

  • Study the existing organizational setup and infrastructure
  • Work with the stakeholders and identify the pain points
  • Identify waste and areas of improvement
  • Strategies the change process with the leadership
  • Identify and implement products/platforms or custom build if required
  • Train and support stakeholders across the organization
  • Manage transition to the new process, solution, product or platform
  • Provide required technology support to enrich customer experience
  • Improve further to provide more value

Why AIG Technologies?

We have been Cardinal in helping organizations implement solutions like IDM, SAP, custom built CRM, HRMS helping them quickly get on with utilizing the best from the IT resource deployed. Helping our customers through this long drawn battle is our expertise and we have been able to establish our niche in this area. We work with our customers to

  • Help in custom build Vs off-the-shelf decision
  • Provide technology roadmap including On-Premise Vs Cloud
  • Identify right set of products and platforms that suit the customer needs
  • Establish technology transition framework
  • Map the existing business processes with the new system
  • Help customize if going with off-the-shelf product
  • Data transitioning to the new system
  • Integrating the new system with the existing IT infrastructure/applications
  • Provide managed support through-out the change process and thereafter

In Scrumban, we can do iteration planning at regular intervals, synchronized with review and retrospective, but the goal of planning is to fill the slots available – not fill all of the slots, and certainly not determine the number of slots. This greatly reduces the overhead and ceremony of iteration planning.

Scrumban is a great solution for teams who need the structure of Scrum with the flexibility of a flow-based method, or for teams who are looking to transition from Scrum to Kanban. Many teams use Scrumban as a transition point between a less mature and more mature Agile practice.

Why Us

We have developed our Scrumban consulting on the trust that, any business can implement and be improved through these frameworks. We work with you to create a standard for your business and your teams. At the same time, we work to identify your goals so we can establish specific, quantifiable milestones and create a tailored plan for your business. There is no such solution designed which can be used by all businesses. We tailor our solutions to your organization’s strengths. Our Scrumban consulting provides a unique solution for your needs.

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