Exam Management System

Exam Management System

For an organization to grow, it requires the best out of the galaxy and to change it into a reality it requires an examination process and a smart software to manage the entire stuff. This is where, the AIG’s Exam management system enters into the picture helping the organization with evaluating, eliminating, selecting thus maintaining and managing the entire stuff.

Our Exam Management System automates entire examination process from selection of questions and sections till execution, results with detail analysis. It also offers easy, customizable exams which can help your internal & external exam needs.

Our Cloud Based Exam Management System is equipped with reporting & analytical capabilities, so one can enjoy marks and grades sheets right at the time of submission of final question. Evaluation is very fast, easy and accurate. It offers great time saving, reduce manual intervention, reduces workload for staff and ensures error-free execution.

Where do organizations use Online Exam Modules?

Recruitment Process :
Pre-Screening Tests for people who apply for positions in the company can eliminate time wasted in interviewing wrong candidates.

Internal process training evaluations :
Organizations deploy the exam tools to assess post training scores to measure the success of training imparted to employees

Assess Competence :
This tool shall be very handy in competence assessment of employees which should be done at a defined periodicity. This can help in ensuring process performance and enhance productivity and accuracy.

Exam Management System


Easy to upload questions

For the purpose of assessment, you can upload unlimited questions and give preparatory as well as final exam.


Easy exam assignment

You can upload unlimited assignments, to help participants access their knowledge based on the learning imparted to them.


Multiple exam format

Basis on your convenience and interest, you can upload exam in several formats.


Reporting and analytics

Get reports and analytics on several critical metrics like No. of participants attempted, passed or failed in preparatory and final exam with their scores.

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