Medicine Aggregator

Medicine Aggregator

Medicine Aggregator

Medicine Aggregator Mobile and web application is a popular product from AIG Technologies. In today's era when most brick and mortar shop are going through a phase of the existential crisis -Taking businesses to the world wide web and using mobile technology to bring the business at the click of a button is a common practice.

we at AIG Technologies have created a state of the art medicine aggregator product where a group of medicine shops can offer medicine at the click of the button to users.

The medicine aggregator from AIG Technologies there are three interfaces namely:

  • listAdmin
  • listShop and
  • listUser

The user app which is available in both Android and IOS versions the wire Audi user can choose to search, purchase, place recurring orders to their preferred shop.

In the vendor section of this mobile application, the vendor can add categories and medicine brands, add medicines. Additionally, he is able to add price to the products with discounts and other relevant details.

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