ELearning Management System

ELearning Management System

Organizational success today is driven by the competence of people and training people shall be an integral component of the same.The e-Learning concept began with the appearance of audio-visual communication systems.

This is mainly used for interacting and teaching from a remote location. A learner will be offered a variety of options mixed with pre-recorded learning sessions, live classes, practice sessions, online exams, query handling, practical exercises and questions in different formats etc.

Few other facilities are also available, like availability of live video communication and lectures, post classes for future reference.Integrating technology with education is taking education system at par and help reach new heights.

eLearning Management Systems

  • E-Learning Management Systems (eLMS), popularly known as Online Learning System are the order of the day. An e-Learning Management System (LMS) is an application used with IT support for delivering teaching and training content.
  • LMS can perform all other tasks which is available in any education system, viz. administration, attendance of student/learner, documentation of the same, examination, tracking, reporting and delivery of training program.
  • It helps the trainer deliver lectures online using IT infra and reference and training materials to the students. Its an added support for designing and delivering hybrid learning courses as it helps in maintaining records at centralized location while providing a platform and environment for knowledge sharing for students and learners at distant locations.
  • It also helps in storing and accessing learning data across the globe and throughout the duration of course, sometimes post that.

Features in the eLearning Portal

Easy content addition

Add content in any format - videos, pdfs, excel files

Inbuilt assessment Tool

eLearning tool has inbuilt assessment module for MCQ based tests.

Track progress

Track program completion status, gauge % completion of program at all levels

Add downloadable content

Add downloadable content in any format and at any place in the Learning cycle - Chapter Topic etc

Different pricing Models

we offer different pricing models - Outright purchase, rental etc.

Built in analytics and reporting

Built in intelligent reports & analytics

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