E-Commerce Development

From crowded Mall to the convenience of your home, office or en route to anywhere. E-Commerce is the answer for the buyer as well as the seller.

How many times have we thought of going to the market and stopped at the thought of getting stuck in a Jam, or the crowd at the shop? What this does is delayed or canceled purchase for the buyer and a lost business opportunity for the seller as well.

E-Commerce development is the answer to many such questions. Let’s understand that from sellers perspective:

E-Commerce offers Lower Cost - Paying heavy rentals, Salaries to keep a store afloat with minimal margins was a thing of the past. The newer generation has become smarter and has joined the new age of Technology and has moved to e-commerce development. From selling products to selling services, getting bulk orders all can be done, is being done and accomplished very successfully through e-commerce development.  To name a few sites who do work the e-commerce way are Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and urban Clap.

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The biggest question a seller / Businessman needs to ask is that why is he into business, the start point may be any, but the final BIG reason why anyone would do business is to make money, make a profit, earn more a more with less and less investment. The best an over the counter sellers can do right now is to move to e-commerce and save the countless Rs which he would spend otherwise in just simply maintaining the outlet. The same money could be used for expanding in the horizon, keeping more inventories etc. E-Commerce development is the answer.

If you want to increase your reach in the market, penetrate deeper into different geographies and not just confined to the local areas, E-Commerce development is the answer

If as a seller you want to deal with less of a headache of managing a store, Staff, in some cases inventory as well, then E-commerce is the answer

Joining this league is many who once sold in retail or were selling through some big players such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. This move towards their own e-commerce websites and Applications is not just to create a brand of their own. But also to make more money.

Once you as a seller have decided to go the E-commerce way. Few of the many things to consider before you decide on which e-commerce developer to go for.

  Cost of E-commerce development – needless to say, that the cost to get the e-commerce website or e-commerce mobile application is of the utmost consideration.  Ensure complete market research before closing on an e-commerce developer who is a complete match of cost as well as quality.

  Reviews and testimonials – Always look at the reviews of the company which you hire for e-commerce development. Read through the reviews to see what people have experienced. Have a careful view of the portfolio of the organization.  Needless to say the more the work the more the experience the org has – hence results in a well-designed e-commerce website / mobile application.

  Post-deployment support –  Extremely critical to know and understand what is the support the e-commerce developer will provide post the work is complete. Like any other IT output, e-commerce website / Mobile application requires support for any breakages or additional.

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Let’s understand that from the buyers perspective

Who doesn’t love the convenience, comfort, and variety at a lower cost than that from a store right at your fingertips? That’s what e-commerce development has done to society.

Other than the convenience of buying, it is also the convenience of a return or exchange. Not that one can take away the ease of trying something and then not buying as it would not fit or you would not like.But with so many other benefits of comfort and lower cost attached to the e-commerce way of purchase that buyers rather find it very very refreshing to get the convenience of quick returns and exchange.

It opens up so many options to buy from. You are not restricted to just the local store or the local market.

E-commerce development is a very intelligent use of time and money from both the seller as well as buys prospective.

Our offering in this Package

Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Free Hosting For 1 Year

To Get A Web Platform To Host Website And Maintain It.

Upto 5-10 Pages

Describing Your Brand And Services / Products Clearly.

5 Email IDs

To Reach Out To Your People And Day, Get Business Running .

SEO Friendly

Your Brand Is Quickly And Easily Searchable By Prospective Customers.

Google Map Integration

To Locate And Reach Out To You. In Impacts Your Genuineness Hugely.

Social Media Integration

More Socially You Are Present. More Is Chance Of People Reaching.

Payment Gateway

No Deal Is A Deal If Payment Is Not Received, So To Get Immediate Cashflow Running.

Enquiry Form

For Customer To Reachout To You Even At A Day Or Time When Your Team Is Not Available.

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  • Team of Technical and Strategic Experts

    Our team of iOS App development experts will be able to help fulfill the dream that you have, We will help you realize the idea into reality

  • Quality

    For us, meeting the customer need is what defines the quality and hence we have an infrastructure of professional experts, latest systems, technology, hardware to deliver world class products to our customers.

  • User Friendly

    A product that is made but not used, is a waste. Hence we believe in building such a product for your business that meets your user or customer need, so more users are attracted towards your app and it gets more downloads and ultimately more business for you.

  • Time Bound Delivery

    We are careful of the timeline promised to you. Our well managed processes help us be careful about the timeline and scope of the project.

  • Cost effective Services

    We have lots of experience in iOS App Development, we will be able to deliver high quality products at lower cost owing to availability of reusable code, UI Design etc.

  • Flexible IT Partner for Life

    We are not a one-person shop, with huge team and infrastructure, we offer dedicated teams to your work with an approach to maintain a lifelong relationship. With no-how of both Native and Hybrid app, our team is available to assist you in any of your development needs at any time.