Asset Management System

Asset Management System

Asset Management basically involves gathering all the information about the detailed hardware and software assets which is then used by the organization to make a mind about how to purchase the asset and how it going to be used. AIG Technologies Asset Management will help the companies to make use of their assets more effectively and efficiently and also avoid unnecessary purchase of the assets which are really existing and also help to lower the risk of the cost.

Asset Management Software is a highly accelerated set of processes. Automation of the assets helps an organization to manage, analyze and create a report on the asset data. An Asset Management Software will help you in reducing the costs of the assets to automate the processes and minimize the waste which in turn will help in eliminating the repeated works.  It helps us to make decisions about capacity of the assets, and understanding what assets we have and for what reasons they are being used for. If the data is correctly and persistently maintained it can help any organization in evaluating the past purchase and taking future actions if any. It helps in selecting the vendors on the basis of the purchase price. AIG Technologies Asset Management Software will give us a great visibility of the different assets by accurately identifying, tracking and classifying assets across different vendors. Without the know how about the current value and volume of the assets, it may be very difficult for an organization to plan for the future pending on the assets, the software helps in sourcing, publishing and procurement of the activities.

AIG Technologies Asset Management Software will let you add the different asset categories and also list out the different categories which have been added. After adding the Categories an individual can add different products under the different categories available.

It also helps you add the different vendors and also take a look at the different vendors list which have been added. There could be different brands from which an organization will be buying different products, You can add all those different brands under one heading and also have the list of the different brands available. If an organization is purchasing any new asset then a concerned person is required to add each and every details of those assets starting from the name of the asset, what is the category, to which department it belongs, vendor name, cost etc. along with attaching the document or warranty doc if required.

If there is any kind of asset which is required by different departments they may raise a purchase request with the help of the software so that the request reaches to the concerned person and similar thing could be further bought by the concerned team.
No matter what is the size of the company, IT Asset Management Software will help you in streamlining your operations. 

As a technology firm with huge focus on deep learning and AI, we have developed this product and shall continue to evolve the same every day. Work to adapt all types web development well and incite basic leadership our framework configuration are somewhat basic and instinctive.

Features of Asset Management System


Life Cycle Tracking

Easy to track the life cycle of different assets and define their shelf life management.


Trigger Important Information

Trigger the information about the assets for which Warranty is expiring or suggestions to empower income.



Designed in such a way so that only authorised users can access the stored items.

Use Software

Easy to use

User friendly software which is easy to access


Well built reports and analytics

System has built in intelligent and customisable reports and analytics


Send Reminders

Send reminders to concerned individual through SMS or email etc.

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