Asset Management System

Asset Management is one of the crucial business management processes which could have a lot of value enabling for any firm. The asset management system which is nice blend of technology with integrated Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & deep learning has been built after several focus group session with industry stakeholders.


Features in Asset Management System

  • Life cycle tacking of all assets, with defined shelf life management.
  • Built in triggers and reminders to enable cash flow planning and resource management
  • Warranty mapping and triggers thereof
  • Asset Incident management and record keeping thereof
  • Built in analytics to asses asset performance and subsequent vendor assessment
  • SLA management of Assets and their reporting
  • JIT Framework and Minimum inventory definitions enabled
  • Upon request vendor module can also be enabled to manage
  • Asset Audit Management
  • Intelligent AI supported dashboard for decision making

As a technology firm with huge focus on deep learning and AI, we have developed this product and shall continue to evolve the same every day. Build to learn well and induce decision making our system design are rather simple and intuitive.

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