School Management System

School Management System

School Management System is a software which is constructed by AIG Technologies Team to dehumanize any school’s disparate operations from Classes to Exams to Administration etc.By implementing School Management Software has a compelling impact as it brings Parents, Teachers and Students on a common interactive platform. School Management System provides the ability to carry out daily activities of the school, management making them efficient and accurate

AIG Technologies School Management System includes :

School Administrative

This module allows to carry all the administrative tasks which eventually deplete a lot of time and requires a lot of concentration and efforts which can be ease down with the help of AIG Technologies School Management System. It rescue a lot of time and human efforts by administering many things which a school carries on daily basis. Any individual who uses this module can easily manage school administrative tasks and can make reports easily on daily basis for different tasks.
Few of the Services of the module are managing admission of students, managing the complete details of the Student and Staff, managing online notice board, generating ID cards for all students and staff.

School Academics

This module allows to carry out all the tasks which are related to school academics and helps to perform better and efficiently.
With the help of AIG Technologies School Management System, you can easily carry out tasks like time-table, managing exams etc.
Few of the Services of the module are Customized timetable for every student and teacher of different classes, Schedule of Exams for different classes and different standards, managing the attendance of the entire school staff and students with utmost ease and simplicity etc.

Finance Management

This module allows a school to carry all the calculations of financial aspects and also automate the process of fees receipt generations, fee payment alerts etc.
Few of the Services of the module are helps to carry out the collections of fees with various methods available, this module has an integrated system in order to manage salaries and make pay slips for all the staff members. Individual can generate a customized report of accounts for school on daily basis and keep a track of the flow of money throughout the year.

Attendance Management

For any individual it is a very difficult task to maintain attendance register for students and staff as it requires a lot of effort and energy which is also sometimes time consuming. AIG Technologies School Management Software provides you to keep a track of the attendance of either students or staff reducing a lot of manual efforts. The Module will allow you to fill the attendance online by using different machines available in the market. Every months report can be easily drawn with the help of the software. There will be very less chances of errors if the software is used.

Reports Management

AIG Technologies School Management Software has a great benefit as it will help you in creating report for each and every section available which are beneficial for effective and efficient management and administration of schools.
With the reports available, a school can improve the working and also keep a track of the ongoing in Schools.

A school is a place where huge amount of data resources are stored and spreading up in all directions in every form and every school wants to provide best facilities to all students and staffs in best manner. AIG Technologies School Management System is the best solution for all the school needs.

Offering Best School Management System for their clients. We have built up a Aig Technologies System that is being requested all the instruction frameworks' around the world.

Features of School Management System


Admission Management

Manage the admission workflow - from the time of receiving an admission request to its closure.

Student Details

Student Details Management

Add all the details of the students and generate all kinds of reports from admission reports, to progress reports, reports for parent etc

Login Management

Login Management

All stakeholders in the School to get sperate logins with access to specific roles assigned to them. Student and parent login is also facilitated.


Built in Analytics and Reporting

Built in intelligent reports & analytics about students, staff, transport, fees etc

Fee Management

Fee Management

Entire fee management lifecycle is managed through this school management portal. Manage fee discounts, fee carry forwards etc.


Examination Mangement

Easily add exams in the form of Word doc, PDFs, Excel. Can also view at the exam schedule of different classes and different sections.


Communication made easy

Can easily communicate information regarding school through Notice Board, Msgs or emails.


Transportation and Hostel Management

Add every detail of the hostel rooms like no. of beds, cost, room no. and also get a full built-in report for same. Track the route of every vehicle used in school, Fare charged.

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