IOS App Development.

IOS App Development is another important service offering from AIG Technologies. With our proven expertise on iOS App Development, we have been able to create great products which have helped our customers in reaching out to their target audience and create the much needed boost in their business.

IOS is a mobile operating system which is created by Apple exclusively for its hardware systems. App developed on this operating system are compatible with I-phones, I pads, I-pods, Practically all Apple products.

This has time and again proved to give the much needed push to the businesses which the business owners have been looking for.

We have successfully managed to ensure that our iOS App Development process delivers products that are compatible across the different IOS Versions and iOS devices. AT AIG Technologies, we take pride in the Customer delight that we have been able to achieve through our well woven project management method.

Right from the time of collection of requirement for iOS App Development, we @AIG Technologies believe in ensuring transparent and clear communication with our customers. Through the iterative processes involved in iOS App Development, we constantly keep in touch with our customers, seeking feedback, finding suitable solutions to their needs, giving our advice where ever need be, showcasing industry benchmarks, ensuring that we truly partner with our customers in their journey of creating a world class iOS Mobile App.

iOS App Development process @AIG Technologies is further boosted by our rigid and well laid down Testing Process. Our dedicated Testing team ensures that before the customer receives even a draft product, it is tested and in case of any bugs, the delivery team is notified for fixing. Our Testing team in the past has been able to provide great assistance to iOS App Development. Our Team Is the Best For The Website & App Development.

Change Management

Through our experience we have gauged that frequent changes in the Scope of iOS App Development leads to a lot of re-work and failures – which ultimately impacts the time and cost as well. Hence in the best interest of the customer, we follow a well laid down process at the start of the project. We welcome changes to the initially agreed plan ensuring a robust in-scope document is created. We help customers understand the impact the change of scope may bring to the overall iOS App Development timeline and cost and encourage to make the any new developments as part of phase 2 for their project

Our iOS App Development body of work:

We have developed several iOS Apps ranging from lifestyle apps to social media applications to eCommerce applications etc. Please feel free to speak with our Consultants to understand how developing iOS App will help your business. AIG Consultants are available at 78386560 01/02

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Why Choose Aig Technologies

  • Team of Technical and Strategic Experts

    Our team of iOS App development experts will be able to help fulfill the dream that you have, We will help you realize the idea into reality

  • Quality

    For us, meeting the customer need is what defines the quality and hence we have an infrastructure of professional experts, latest systems, technology, hardware to deliver world class products to our customers.

  • User Friendly

    A product that is made but not used, is a waste. Hence we believe in building such a product for your business that meets your user or customer need, so more users are attracted towards your app and it gets more downloads and ultimately more business for you.

  • Time Bound Delivery

    We are careful of the timeline promised to you. Our well managed processes help us be careful about the timeline and scope of the project.

  • Cost effective Services

    We have lots of experience in iOS App Development, we will be able to deliver high quality products at lower cost owing to availability of reusable code, UI Design etc.

  • Flexible IT Partner for Life

    We are not a one-person shop, with huge team and infrastructure, we offer dedicated teams to your work with an approach to maintain a lifelong relationship. With no-how of both Native and Hybrid app, our team is available to assist you in any of your development needs at any time.