Hybrid App Development.

Hybrid App Development is one of the most asked for service in the Mobile App development category at AIG Technologies. Hybrid applications are web applications created in a native browser. This technology combines the capabilities of a native app and the flexibility of a web app.

A hybrid app is a web application which runs within a native environment, using native app wrapper which allows it to communicate between the device (Android, IOS or Windows) and the World Wide Web. Building Hybrid Apps ensures that you have the speed of web development along with the tailored user experience and access to the native environment features such as the camera, address book and GPS amongst others.

Some of the key reasons why users opt for Hybrid App development is as below:

The Speed at which you can reach out to the market – the time taken to create a hybrid app Vs a native app is much lesser, which lets you as a business owner reach out to your customers faster than your competition.

With a single source code you can reach out to many platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows this Leads to easier and better management.

  • Controlled cost
  • Easy availability of resources
  • Lower budget costs make hybrid applications very appealing to the customers as it suits their pockets better.
  • Easy to update and maintain
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Hybrid app development.

While selecting the development strategy i.e whether to go for Hybrid app development or Native app development. As a business owner / user one must get clarity on a few questions, which can help in taking an informed decision..

  • Who is the final user of the app. Who will be using it
  • What are the ways that the user can / should be able to access the application
  • How many times would I need to update it
  • How complex would the interface be
  • What is the budget at hand

We at AIG Technologies are very sensitive - to these questions. above while suggesting our customers to go for Hybrid App development. This has helped us created amazing products that have helped our customers in reaching out to their target audience at the cost which doesn’t hurt their pockets and functionalities which are easy to handle.

Our Technologies, we have team of highly experienced technical experts, working on the application Design, Development and Testing to give you your idealized Hybrid App that can bring the most value in your business, in less time.

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Change is inevitable part of any project, hence at AIG Technologies we believe in Agile method of Hybrid App Development that not only help the team in handling the good change but also gives the client the information of its impact and confidence due to laid down procedures of handling change that it will be handled well.

By maintaining continuous and two-way communication and following a well created communication plan, customer is timely and well informed about every development that is happening on the App so that timelines can be adhered to.

Our Android App Development body of work

We have released several Hybrid Apps ranging from e-Commerce to MLM to Education etc. Please check the Portfolio section of the site to see some of our work. If you're still considering what the best option in your case is, please feel free to speak with our Consultants and we'll be ready to help you with making the final decision. We are available at 78386560 01/02.

Why Choose Aig Technologies

  • Team of Technical and Strategic Experts

    Our team of iOS App development experts will be able to help fulfill the dream that you have, We will help you realize the idea into reality

  • Quality

    For us, meeting the customer need is what defines the quality and hence we have an infrastructure of professional experts, latest systems, technology, hardware to deliver world class products to our customers.

  • User Friendly

    A product that is made but not used, is a waste. Hence we believe in building such a product for your business that meets your user or customer need, so more users are attracted towards your app and it gets more downloads and ultimately more business for you.

  • Time Bound Delivery

    We are careful of the timeline promised to you. Our well managed processes help us be careful about the timeline and scope of the project.

  • Cost effective Services

    We have lots of experience in iOS App Development, we will be able to deliver high quality products at lower cost owing to availability of reusable code, UI Design etc.

  • Flexible IT Partner for Life

    We are not a one-person shop, with huge team and infrastructure, we offer dedicated teams to your work with an approach to maintain a lifelong relationship. With no-how of both Native and Hybrid app, our team is available to assist you in any of your development needs at any time.