Sales Management System

Sales Management System

Let us understand first what is Sales Management System. Sales Management is basically a process that aims at communicating with the prospect customers, understanding their needs, establishing a sales process with the prospective clients, evaluating the performances of team, and implementing an overall framework to carry out the activities.

AIG Technologies Sales Management System helps in adding formation in business and bring value to the Sales Team.

The basic requirement for any organization is to able to manage and organize all the sales formation efficiently and effectively. Our technology will help you in adding every detail of the client from their Name to Scope of the Work etc. The technology will help in ranking your leads according to the behavior and classify the leads into different categories percentage wise which will help the sales representative to follow up with only the hot leads. When Sales Representative have to do follow up with the prospective client AIG Sales Management System will also let them know about the previous conversation.           

Automation has made the life easy for any organization, It helps the organization in saving time and also improving the productivity.Analytics and forecasting are very essential components when it comes to sales of any organization because ultimately, they ae focusing on revenues. AIG Technologies Sales Management System has the ability and capability to create the custom reports for your business and also helps you to download the report.

Taking Sales Management System to cloud is what AIG Technologies has done as it gives the benefit to use the software which can be accessible from anywhere. That means a Sales Staff can accomplish their tasks even when they are not in the office.

It’s not enough to be able to access software only on cloud. For its best use Sales Management System Software should also be on native mobile applications with only mobile specific features.

Features of Sales Management System

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Manage whole deals life cycle without hardly lifting a finger.



Right from Prospect addition to post sales closure hand-off processes, all have been built in a customisable form in the system.

Use Software

Robust yet Simple to Learn

Robust internal and external communication methods including emails, notification and SMS has been inbuilt into the system which is customisable to roles and people.



Product provided could be white-labelled or co-branded to suit your need.



Intelligent notifications and reports help the sales person manage his work more efficiently.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Integration

Responsive design of the CRM makes it compatible to use it on mobile phone tablets and more.

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