Sales Management System

Sales Management System

Needless to say, Sales Management is the core part of any organization, as it brings in revenue to the organization leading to the organizations profit or loss in the market

At the end of the day, every organization needs business and to make it happen it requires critical planning, segmenting, targeting, offering, strategic implementation and many more activities to manage this critical job it requires a smart sales management software. With the help of this software, collection of vital sales information is very easy and it takes very short amount of time which was earlier very tedious and time taking exercise on spreadsheet.

With our years of consulting various large and small organizations we have had our share of experience in understanding the challenges associated with sales management and the subsequent sales administration processes.

What are the benefits associated with automating the Sales Processes?

A smart sales software will but obvious reduce human dependence allowing the sales user or the employee to use their skills in converting the leads, building in plans and other revenue generating activities rather than spending time on maintaining and evaluating the data or information . The usage of an updated software helps the sales user reduce NVAs thus reducing effort and thus cost associated with Sales.

Automated analytics helps businesses understand the gaps and helps make improvement plans.

A sales management software is visually appealing and gives the user a comprehensive view of the situation.

It is an effective, data-driven system which provides tools and reports that allows sales managers to diagnose issues more accurately.

Why use AIG Sales CRM?

  •  Easy to Use:Manage entire sales life cycle with considerable ease.
  •  Customizable: Right from Prospect addition to post sales closure hand-off processes, all have been built in a customizable form in the system.
  •  Robust yet Simple to Learn, Intuitive: Robust internal and external communication methods including emails, notification and SMS has been inbuilt into the system which is customizable to roles and people, helping build communication protocols which suits your need.
  •  Tailored: Product provided could be white-labelled or co-branded to suit your need.
  •  Cross-platform Integration: Responsive design of the CRM makes it compatible to usieit on mobile phone tablets and more
  •  Interactive: Intelligent notifications and reports help the sales person manage his work more efficiently.

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