Let Experts manage your Digital Presence

Let your Digital Presence be managed by Experts

Getting online is the first step. Succeeding online needs careful and disciplined excution of well laid out plan SEO SMO and PPC Plan. Our several years of experience can be useful for you. Digital Marketing Solutions. Well managed SEO, SMO and PPC will ensure success for your site and company.

Simplicity and Choice

Working with us is very trasparent and predicatable.
Detailed list of what we will do.
Periodic Reports to show progress
Easy traceability of work done.

Worry-Free Experience

Easy tracking of progess of work done by us.
Google and other Search Engine Reports for verifiable work tracking.
Regular insights on next steps.
Tech based competition analysis

Performance That Scale

We offer flexibility in our services and approach.
Easy addition, deletion of keywords to your campaign
Innovative Tech based reporting
We will keep pace with Google and other SERP chnages

Our team takes away the hard process of creating & managing your digital presence

Google and other SERPs are constantly changing their search algorithms, our expertise and constant vigil will ensure that we are updates with the same. Digital Marketing needs careful and disciplined execution of plans. SEO SMO & PPC need careful execution of well prepared plans.

Expertise to handle
Tech based tracking
Thorough keyword analysis
Careful competition study
Disciplined execution
Constant vigil

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What we Offer

We have decades of experience of managing Digital Marketing for 100s of firms. Together we can build your digital presence.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Managing your keywords ranking on Google and other search engines is an important business metric. We are experts at this, and together we will be able to achieve great results. We understand that getting Leads is critical for success.

SMO - Social Media Optimization

Social media has to be the heart of all Digital Marketing campaigns specially if you are a B2C company. A digital marketing plan, inkeeping with the intended audience has to consider platform, creative & messaging amongst other things. .

PPC - Pay per Click

Google PPC or Pay per Click is a definative win stragegy for any business as it is predictable, traceable and gives quick results. On the hind sight, cost could be on the higher side. Unless setup and managed well PPC can have leakages which could mean higher cost per leads.

Why Choose Us

AIG Technologies can be your ideal Technology partner for life. In our pursuit - our Transparent, Accoutable and Expert Digital Marketing Services can give you huge competitive advantage. We are well researched and understand market well. .

Updated and Informed

SERPs are fast changing their algorithms and several things are changing frequently. We keep ourself updated and are quick to make changes.

Manage like A Pro

We have decades of experience of Digital Marketing, having helped 100s of firms achieve their goals.

Scale to Success

We provide quick ramp-up and ramp-down options to customers to manage their seasonality or event needs.


Hire our Digital Marketing Services

Let us discuss, research and finalize on the keywords and close the contract.

Read the details of our Digital Marketing Schedule

Digital Marketing needs a focussed and disciplined approach, and you should be vigilant on what is happening on that front.

Follow Your stats on Google Analytics etc.

Check the impact of our performance regularly and check your web performance through automated tools like Google Analytics, MOZ etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common questions that you may have if you are new to Digital Marketing.

Once you have finalized what keywords you want to target, the SEO activities shall be planned by us and in 3-4 months of time, your webpage shall rank of Page1 for that particular keywork. If you want to understand how Search works visit our blog

While it is difficult to pin point on exactly what contributes, Page content, keyword density and page speed could be the top factors. Our advice is to create a site to enhance user experience.

One must realize that success of the SEO is dependent on partnership between the SEO team and business. Business will have to render information to make the customer experience better by including necessary details that the customer is looking for. Also all SME support will be a key factor for success in SEO.

Consider this, creating a site is like opening a shop. Unless you advertise and let the customer know about what you do, why should they choose you over the others, etc will be important next step. Without SEO, getting ranked, getting relevant people to visit your site will be difficult.

Our Happy Clients

Our powerful Clients

We work with several large and small companies with Digital Marketing sevices including SEO Services, SMO Services and PPC services. Few of our Clients are listed below.