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Website is a very basic yet a very powerful tool to create awareness of your existence – whether you are a business or an individual tying to make a mark in this world. In today’s world of competition where people have the problem of plenty to choose from - a website is an absolutely necessary tool of communication. It’s a platform which lets you share with the world anything and everything under the sun.

A website can be simple, complicated, colorful, meaning full , meaning less to say the least. But the types are just 2 – Static website and Dynamic website. A static website is a simple page written in HTML. In a static website whatever the code reads, the page displays. This is the old way of representing your website. The new way is the dynamic way, it is to make it interactive, make it change basis requirement, make it sell, make it gather information; make it share pictures and videos to say the least is the Dynamic website.

Basic features which make a dynamic website a winner in today’s world are

  • Very user-friendly – Unlimited pages with clear navigation.As the navigation is simple, attractive, A Dynamic website makes the user experience a delight.
  • More scope of creativity – Designs created are responsive.

Because of the ability to change basis user needs, a Dynamic website gives more scope to display information creatively and changes can be made quickly as per the requirement.

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Does more than what a static website can do

Can be made SEO friendly. One of the most important reasons why businesses fail today is due to poor marketing and searchability. Dynamic Website can be used to target the SEO practices well and hence improve the keyword ranks targetted through the specific pages. Google Search engine changes its algorithm frequently and changes must be made in the site to accoodate the new needs. This is made possible only in Dynamic Websites.

  Payment gateway integration made easy in a Dynamic website

  A dynamic website is a very useful tool to sell online

  A dynamic website gives the functionality to Share videos and pictures – add/amend/delete them whenever the owner of the Dynamic website wants

The biggest advantage of a Dynamic website is its ability to lend itself as a tool which can be managed by the owner/user himself, without having to engage with the developer time and again and spend a fortune doing it.  Content on the pages of a dynamic website can be easily managed by the admin panel, which can be created only in a dynamic website. One can add, amend, deleted pictures, products, videos, information, schedules etc.

Dynamic websites are the on-line seller’s best friends. They are the answer to todays challenges of keeping the physical retail/wholesale outlet afloat with heavy rentals, staff salary cost, electricity cost etc. They give the flexibility to employs a database to accumulate and manage information automatically.

While choosing a developer to create a dynamic website, important to note:

  What the developer has already created – look at the past work, samples etc.

  If possible meet with the team, engage to understand the capability

  Share your requirements through a document to avoid any confusion in the deliverables

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Always remembers the cost you pay for the website or for that matter any IT related work is directly proportionate to the amount of work the developer has to do and if the requirement is not clear upfront then it can lead to rework, delays etc

The cost for a Dynamic website will increase with the increase in the functionalities.

  1. For a simple blog website – the price would range between Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000
  2. A Dynamic website with very basic e-commerce functionalities: Rs 15,000 – RS 20,000

A Dynamic website with complete features of e-commerce and login through g-mail/ facebook would cost somewhere between Rs 20,000 – Rs 25,000

Very critical that before finalizing the developers and closing on the cost be very clear of what you want as an output from that Dynamic website.

Our offering in this Package

Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Free Hosting For 1 Year

To Get A Web Platform To Host Website And Maintain It.

Upto 5-10 Pages

Describing Your Brand And Services / Products Clearly.

5 Email IDs

To Reach Out To Your People And Day, Get Business Running .

SEO Friendly

Your Brand Is Quickly And Easily Searchable By Prospective Customers.

Google Map Integration

To Locate And Reach Out To You. In Impacts Your Genuineness Hugely.

Social Media Integration

More Socially You Are Present. More Is Chance Of People Reaching.

Payment Gateway

No Deal Is A Deal If Payment Is Not Received, So To Get Immediate Cashflow Running.

Enquiry Form

For Customer To Reachout To You Even At A Day Or Time When Your Team Is Not Available.

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