Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

A Transportation Management System(TMS) is basically a subdivision of Supply Chain Management that manages with the planning, execution and Optimize the physical motion of goods. It is most useful in a logistics platform which facilitate the users to administer enhance the daily Operations of transportation.Transportation the executives programming is intended to provide with procurement and delivery of different products so as to determine both inward and outward requests and propose different transportation resolutions for the client. Now and again alluded to as a transportation the executive’s framework (TMS), the transportation at board programming gives electronic burden offering and specialized devices for picking between potential bearers. The programming of  Transportation Management System much of the time incorporates with their distribution center programming so as to accurately hunch request and shipment volumes.

A TMS allows the shippers to make use of the tecnology to automate the process which they have and obtain valuable insights which will definitely save a lot of time and reduce the cost which will be spend for future shipments.
From Quoting to delivery, the transportation companies are always looking for ways to reduce down the time spend and how they can improve the processes.
We at AIG technologies will help our Potential Customers to have a solution on their side to do only that which they are looking for.

Why Use Transportation Management System:

It abundantly reduces the superfluous data entry, improve the visibility and good communication between the dispatchers and drivers, it will also augment the Customer Services, the ability to manage the more difficult work related.
By using the TMS it will facilitate the dispatch functions and also improve the level of the customer services.
We know that by automating any process it reduces the error that may come up with the manual process.
AIG’s TMS will help in doing the same for you it will eliminate the errors for different process’s related to transportation like freight, audit process etc. It also helps any organization and the user to track the orders and also oversees different orders and their real-time update of shipment.

Always be aware of where your vehicle is or outlining the simple routes and the online tracking of your order statuses. The Transportation Management System by AIG Technologies provide the following options in the Software:

  • 1. Freight Cost Calculation
  • 2. Freight Capacity Calculation
  • 3. Shipment Tracking, log trace
  • 4. Transit Management.
  • 5. Route Planning
  • 6. Proof of Delivery

When used the completed version, AIG Technologies TMS will offer the following features:

  • Automated different assignments of orders.
  • Planning substitutes based on Customers, Roads, Orders etc.
  • Making Addresses and Accounts and Phone no’s available for last minutes order.

You can easily plan your order assignment in conformity with the vehicles which are available and instantly calculate the best route with the help of the software.On time deliveries, fully automated assignments for each tour to ensure that the process is running smoothly. 

Features of Transportation Management System


Easy Tracking

Easy to Track and also trace the shipment from pickup to delivery.


Easy Business Monitoring

Easy to review performances through different metrics


Reporting and Analytics

Get reports and analytics on several critical metrics freight spend, distribution, order forecasts


Trigger Important Information

Trigger the information about the pickup and delivery of products, Status Update etc.


Should you need extra features or have specific need, do not hesitate is discussing the same with our team.

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