Audit Management System

Audit Management System

As a consulting company operating in the ISO certification domain we have ourselves struggled for long to manage our audit processes – right from audit planning to auditor allocation, to conducting the audit and the subsequent nonconformity communication, to NC handling etc. And yet importantly the data and knowledge management of the Audit Management process.

Our audit management system or Sherlock like we call it is a PHP platform with the following features:

  •  planning of the audit & audit scheduling
  •  adding an auditor and
  •  adding checklist for audits (bulk upload or question addition)
  •  Conducting checklist based auditing
  •  Marking of NC and other options with sections to add comment and add attachments for evidence
  •  Calibration or MSA planning is also built as part of the process
  •  Automated sharing of the Audit reports with relevant stakeholders
  •  Automated NC handling procedure for NC allocation to functional owner
  •  NC lifecycle management
  •  Knowledge and documentation management
  •  IIntelligent reports & analytics

Audit Management System shall assist the organization in flawless setup and management of the Audit Processes and ensure that the lessons from the Audit is never lost and that it serves as a means to help create and maintain knowledge generated out of these processes.

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Should you need extra features or have specific need, do not hesitate is discussing the same with our team.

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