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01 Information

NPS Survey Tool

Net Promoter Score Survey Tool is a promoter metric. It is developed and registered by trademark of Fred Reicheld, Brain and Company.

NPS is a survey tool which defines the customer satisfaction towards the service provided by the company.This was first introduced by Reichheld into his Harward Business Article “The One number you need to grow“. This is a metric that not only defines company’s performance but also helps in evaluating employee performance, who are the first point of interaction with the customers.

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02 Education

Exam Management System

For an organization to grow, it requires the best out of the galaxy and to change it into a reality it requires an examination process and a smart software to manage the entire staff. This is where, the AIG’s Exam management system enters into the picture helping the organization with evaluating, eliminating, selecting thus maintaining and managing the entire staff.

Our Exam Management System automates entire examination process from selection of questions and sections till execution, results with detail analysis. It also offers easy, customizable exams which can help your internal & external exam needs.

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03 Education

E-Learning Management System

Organizational success today is driven by the competence of people and training people shall be an integral component of the same.The e-Learning concept began with the appearance of audio-visual communication systems.

This is mainly used for interacting and teaching from a remote location. A learner will be offered a variety of options mixed with pre-recorded learning sessions, live classes, practice sessions, online exams, query handling, practical exercises and questions in different formats etc.

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04 Information Technology

Project Management System

Project Management System (PMS) is a software which manages all inputs needed to carry out and execute projects successfully. It’s usually a group of software systems and is also integrated at one place for collecting, analyzing and interpreting information associated with project. It is specifically used for project planning, designing, scheduling, resource allocation and decision-making.

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05 Organization

Customer Relationship Management

Today Customer Relationship Management is a key tool and mantra for success in any organization. CRM solution is a powerful tool for data-driven decisions. It also helps sales people keep moving towards their target with its performance analysis ability. CRM helps and allows every communication with a prospect in a personalized one-on-one dialogue, ensuring the right message at the right time.

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Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System(HRMS) is a key constituent of automation of organizational human resource processes that have the largest bearing on employee morale. Technology advancements have brought human resource processes into its ambit. The system can help in maintaining the confidentiality of the employee records and the company data. HRMS merges Human Resource Activities and processes with the Information Technology. Its main objective is to reduce paperwork and human effort to observe and maintain daily routine tasks and events.

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07 Organization

Sales Management System

Let us understand first what is Sales Management System. Sales Management is basically a process that aims at communicating with the prospect customers, understanding their needs, establishing a sales process with the prospective clients, evaluating the performances of the team, and implementing an overall framework to carry out the activities. AIG Technologies Sales Management System helps in adding formation in business and bring value to the Sales Team.

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08 Organization

Audit Management System

Audit Management Software automates all the tasks related to audits in order to simplify the process and can assimilate with a document control system to assure that every nice document can be easily found and accessed. AIG Technologies Audit Management Software helps in planning and scheduling the audits and send a notification on which audits are due so that an individual can plan it accordingly. It helps in building the questions/ processes directly into the software for any audits and also reviews and follow up for each process and finding their responses

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09 Information Technology

Asset Management System

Asset Management basically involves gathering all the information about the detailed hardware and software assets which is then used by the organization to make a mind about how to purchase the asset and how it going to be used. AIG Technologies Asset Management will help the companies to make use of their assets more effectively and also avoid unnecessary purchase of the assets which are really existing and also help to lower the risk of the cost.

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10 Education

School Management System

School Management System is a software which is constructed by AIG Technologies Team to dehumanize any school’s disparate operations from Classes to Exams to Administration, etc.By implementing School Management Software has a compelling impact as it brings Parents, Teachers and Students on a common interactive platform. School Management System provides the ability to carry out daily activities of the school, management making them efficient and accurate.

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11 Education

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System refers to a system that stores and fetch knowledge, Located the knowledge resources. A knowledge Management System Software is made up of very different software which are served by Central User interface. The use of Knowledge Management software can be everywhere, it can be used for training the staff and conducting orientations, can also help to grow the better sales, and also help the leaders to make important decisions.

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12 matrimonial

Shaadi Portal

The main objective of Matrimonial Portal is to provide grooms and brides an excellent matchmaking involvement, exploring the favorable circumstances and resources to meet their true potential partners. We also develop the community solutions and business friendly solution. Our matrimonial portal development includes advanced features and functionality at an affordable price as our motive is to satisfy our client’s. Keeping the objective in mind, we will help our customers in creating an online matchmaking service that will have the capacity to touch the soul of a million people all over the globe.

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13 Information Technology

Medicine Aggregator

Medicine Aggregator Mobile and web application is a popular product from AIG Technologies. In today's era when most brick and mortar shop are going through a phase of the existential crisis -Taking businesses to the world wide web and using mobile technology to bring the business at the click of a button is a common practice. we at AIG Technologies have created a state of the art medicine aggregator product where a group of medicine shops can offer medicine at the click of the button to users.

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14 Supply Chain Management

Transportation Management System

A Transportation Management System(TMS) is basically a subdivision of Supply Chain Management that manages with the planning, execution and Optimize the physical motion of goods. It is most useful in a logistics platform which facilitate the users to administer enhance the daily Operations of transportation.Transportation the executives programming is intended to provide with procurement and delivery of different products so as to determine both inward and outward requests and propose different transportation resolutions for the client.

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15 Information Technology

Video Streaming Management

Video Streaming service is an interaction of technology, which enables the subscribers to view different channels, TV shows, movies live or download these and view later. These are kind of services are a substitute for Cables and Satellite devices which are often at a very low cost. In order to take benefit of these streaming services the customers are often required to pay a particular fee for it, or take a subscription for the same.

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