The Just Search

TheJustSearch is a local marketplace enabled by technolgy where users can find vendors for all their service needs. Vendors can enroll themsolves with this technology platoform and receive leads generated from verified and authentic users. The JustSearch intends to be an agregator for all kinds of service providers - BIG & SMALL, and offer great experience to the end user.

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OTP based User Authentication & registration

Easy User registration and login to enable service usage.

Easy Lead Generation and allocation

Geofencing based Lead allocation to partners, to enable customer convinience.

OTP based Partner Authentication & registration.

Easy Partner registration with alignment with Service Category and Services as added on the app.

Easy handling of the Lead Workflow.

Easy handling of leads and partner choice available to the user.

Partner App

User App

The best one for you!



TheJustSearch has Android Apps for User and partner with php based backed for admin and other authorized company personnel.