Kissan Mall

Kissan Mall is a Online Fruits,Vegetable and Grocery shopping App. Kissan Mall aims at bringing farm products directly to kitchen. Eliminating middlemen is helping farmers and consumers alike. Kissan Mall also has unique refer and earn mechanism passing benefits of customer loyalty to them.

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Earn while you Shop

Earn referral and reward points to benefit from Customer's loyality.

Manage inventory

Well managed records of purchases, sales and miscellaneous expenses.

Manage profit & loss

Be well aware of profit loss in the business will well managed backend.

Shopping from home.

Seamless user design enables easy shopping at home.

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  • Kissan Mall screen
  • Kissan Mall screen
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Well designed user app supported with ably managed backend has created a unique and user friendly Grocery app. Kissan Mall is well appreciated by customers who have quickly been won over by the 3 click buy that is one of the key elements to Kissan Mall's success. Additionally, the well designed backend is easy to use and can handle all functions in the app.