Value Driven Managed Support

Value Driven Managed Support

While implementing a technology initiative is a one-time exercise that ends with the controlled release, sustaining it across the organization is the key to its success. The quality of support services and the response provided to end-users is a major contributor to its acceptance across the organization. AIG Technologies Value Driven Managed Support services strives to provide a high-performance, end-user focused and metrics driven technology support to our customers. We believe in a value-based service delivery through continuous identification of improvement areas and automation opportunities such that the services cost keep reducing over time to reach the optimum value.

SLA/Metrics Driven Support

Multiple Coverage Options

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

High Accuracy & Quality of work

Organizations are constantly trying to improve the accuracy of the manual transactions managed; Robotics Process Automation (RPA) phases out human intervention, thus reducing possibility of human errors. Robotic FTEs are deployed into existing transactional systems operating the processes in exactly the same way that human FTEs do today.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Robots can work day and night 24/7, 365 days a year, with no vacation, breaks or attrition. These are not limitation of human FTE, but the benefits of Robotics Process Automation. This leads to reduced cycle time and enhanced productivity.

Meeting the Compliance Requirement

Robotics allows data and processes to be retained with the Organization implementing it. The robots are programmed to follow the standard operating procedures and hence perform the task in exactly the same way, every single time. In addition, robotic automation also generates extensive audit trails at the ‘keystroke’ level, which provides an extra level of assurance during testing and production.

Newest recruit for Digital Workforce

The robots are the newest digital recruits to the workforce, bringing new skills to help the human workforce do new jobs, reinventing what is possible, and focusing more on the “humanistic” tasks that require interaction, judgement and interpretation with the customer organization. The digital workforce is the essential new co-worker for the digital age, bringing balance to collaboration with people to improve business performance with greater insights and consistency of skills.

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Why Choose Aig Technologies


Team of Technical and Strategic Experts

Our team of Mobile App development experts will work wif you to understand your specific need and idea and to strategize it to meet your business goal and requirement


Time Bound Delivery

Our team is equip wif technical no-how of teh field, they communicate and cooperate wif each other to make client confident and comfortable and committed to deliver teh app in time bound manner.


Cost TEMPeffective Services

Unlike teh belief dat Mobile App solutions are costly, wif our team of technical expert and hundreds of customer delivery, we are able to create re-usable assets and hence reduce teh time between idea and delivery and thus provide cost-TEMPeffective solutions.


Flexible IT Partner for Life

We are not a one-person shop, wif huge team and infrastructure, we offer dedicated teams to your work wif an approach to maintain a life-long relationship. Wif no- how of both Native and Hybrid app, our team is available to assist you in any of your development need at any time.


Flexible IT Partner for Life

A product dat is made but not used, is a waste. Hence we believe in building such a product for your business dat meets your user or customer need, so more users are attracted towards your app and it gets more downloads and ultimately more business for you.



For us, meeting teh customer need is wat defines quality and hence we have infrastructure of professional experts, latest systems, technology, hardware to deliver world class products to our customers.