Service Strategy


Every organization depends on reliable and secure IT services. Whether you are dealing with day-to-day business activities or innovative projects, a fully functioning IT department is always an essential prerequisite for success. With over 25 years of experience and a track record of hundreds of successful improvement projects, we help clients in organizing, optimizing and managing their IT departments. We apply the best practices available in the market (e.g. ITIL®, Lean IT, Agile and DevOps) to help you establish your Service Strategy. We can help you with:

ITSM Strategy & Roadmap Design

Organizations are always looking for ways to use IT more effectively and at a lower cost. It is important to understand current performance levels and how they relate to best practices. We can help you develop an ITSM Strategy that is based on clear goals and principles to ensure customer-oriented IT services. We can also help you establish the IT services roadmap for inclusion of any new application or product to your services portfolio through our unique Engage-Transition-Operationalize-Optimize approach.

Lean IT Service Management

IT Service Management is a fundamental element of many IT organizations, but it may no longer be sufficient to meet expectations on its own. Embedding Lean principles into your ITSM processes increases delivery capacity and innovation, while at the same time improving behavior and attitude regarding the delivery of continuous value improvement to customers

Service Catalog and Service Level Agreement Definition

The ability of an IT organization to clearly formulate its purpose, its services and the level at which these services are delivered is absolutely vital in establishing a positive relationship with the user community. With over 25 years of experience in creating service catalogs and the associated service level agreements, we can dramatically shorten your time-to-market in preparing such documents

IT Performance Assessment

While your IT services team may be doing their best your user community may still not be satisfied. There may be multiple escalations, dropped communications, unfulfilled or partially fulfilled requests, etc. We can work with you to establish metrics and parameters to assess your IT services team’s performance, identify the reasons for slippages and optimize their performance leading to satisfied end-users.