Project Management System


Project Management System (PMS) is a software which manages all inputs needed to carry out and execute projects successfully. It’s usually a group of software systems and is also integrated at one place for collecting, analyzing and interpreting information associated with project.

It is specifically used for project planning, designing, scheduling, resource allocation and decision-making.

Project Management System or PMS has been created and modified by Advance Innovation Group after years of expertise in Project Management Consulting and understanding the key challenges for any organization managing projects.

Why use the PMS

PMS could be a nice enabler for organizational Project Management Processes. Online management of all the project tasks being carried out is an organizational necessity today and our PMS has the capability of tracking the project at an activity level.

Following are some key benefits that PMS can bring in :

Track and collaborate cross functional projects with right notifications and triggers to stakeholders at the specified time.
Get view of all projects under one head with consolidation of tasks, resources, begin and end dates etc.
Client access availability lets this be a decent customer relationship management tool, whereas you will be able to control what management can see and what he can’t.
Build in obligatory and non obligatory components of the project whereby one will standardize the yield and method of aiming to the yield.
Get a definitive and controlled view of financial gain expenses within the projects to measure if there’s continuing business justification for a project.
Information Security issues will be factors of past, when using our PMS

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