Human Resource Management System


HRMS or Human Resources Management System is a key constituent of automation of organizational human resource processes that have the large bearing on employee morale.

Technology advancements have brought human resource processes into its ambit.

The system can help in maintaining the confidentiality of the employee records and the company data.

HRMS merges Human Resource Activities and processes with the Information Technologies fields.

Its main objective is to reduce paperwork and human effort to observe and maintain daily routine tasks and events.

Assessing the Need for a HRMS Solution

Selection and implementation of the right HRMS within your company can make a huge difference to future growth and success. While it is possible to take care of HR functions manually, an automated system can help to elevate productivity levels and can change the way that your company is perceived in the modern marketplace.

Why use HRMS

HRMS is one of the most critical IT Solutions that companies require which helps bring in standardization in the employee management processes.

HR Management System reduces the time of the HR professionals and helps them in dealing with the HR tasks in a more efficient and effective manner, viz. Payroll, Record of Attendance, Leaves and Holidays, Administration and Record of Benefits, Recruitment Processes Management, Tracking of the Absenteeism of Employees etc. and various other analytics.

HR Management System will form an important milestone in employee enrichment and will definitely result in boosting employee morale and performance.

Features in AIG HRMS

At AIG we have a team of highly experienced and competent people from diverse fields, which helps us to offer standard version platforms to meet your requirement.

AIG Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is designed to manage an organization’s human resource (HR) processes centrally with the computerized automated process. It provides all the necessary business logic required by an HR department.

AIG HRMS may help to revolutionize a workplace. The automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with human resources management frees up some of the companies most valuable employees and allows to focus on other highly impacting areas.

With the implementation of AIG HRM System, not only the time is saved but the operations are also free of errors. It gives a comprehensive solution.

Each module performs a separate function within the HRMS that helps with collecting and tracking information.

HRMS modules can give assistance with:

Employee Details

Use of technology and IT may improve functioning of HRM and improve productivity. Automated human resources system gets systematically organized and can help in maintaining the Employee Databases,


This makes the computation of salary for employees quite easy and very less time consuming. With different payroll elements, along with taxes, it can integrate with the leave management process, and prepare the payroll in just no time every month.

  • Salary Templates (both monthly and hourly formats are available
  • Salary Management
  • Employee Salary List Management
  • Make Payment
  • Generate Payslip
  • Payroll Summary
  • Attendance Records (Tracking Absenteeism)
  • Leaves
  • Expense Details & Reimbursements
  • Separation (Resignation)
  • Analytics
  • Ex-Employee Detail
  • Resume Tracking

Attendance Records & Leaves Management (Tracking Absenteeism):

With Attendance and Leave Management system, the employees would be able to apply for leaves online, and the managers would be able to approve for the same online.

Attendance Management module in the AIG HRMS has some basic sub- modules to manage the entire attendance life cycle viz.

  • Time History
  • Time Change Request
  • Attendance Report

Recruitment Management

  • job Posted
  • Job Application

Performance Management

Indicator Management

  • Give Appraisal Process
  • Performance Report

Provident Management

Stock Management

  • Stock Category Creation
  • Manage Stock
  • Assign Stock
  • Stock Report

Training Management/

Employee Award Management

Leave Management

  • Leave Application
  • Leave Balance Management

Advance Salary Management

Holiday Management

Chat Option

  • Add user
  • Add roles
  • Assign departments


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